Frank Owens Contractors Review: Land Preparation

Site clearance is a vital part of every construction projects. It entails removing hazardous materials from a site area, as well as leveling and preparing the land for any construction projects. This type of work has a method to follow to become successful.

Below are the essential actions to follow in site clearing:

  1. Site access

Safety of people is the top priority. Due to hazardous chemicals used in the site area, people who have site safety training should only be allowed on the premises.

  1. Permit

Excavation permit or site clearance must be issued to the person in charged with the clearing operation.

  1. Controlling unauthorized person in the site

Establishing boundaries to restrict access to secured or high-risk areas.

  1. Perimeter fence

The operation will only be done within the boundaries set and approved in the contract

  1. Vegetation removal

Vegetation elimination on the project site must be disposed of properly in accordance with the environmental regulations.

The landowner must constantly engage in every construction operation to ensure that all activities are done according to their approved objectives and requirements. Frank Owens Contractors provides utility service which aims to help clients attain their objectives in the most efficient and economical way.


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